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Lost in Time

Alex Sjobeck + Abraham Masso III

Released January of 2024

Ephemeral Explorations

Alex Sjobeck Trio + Idaho Dance Theatre

Released December of 2023


Pictures in Time - Official Music Video

Released November of 2022

Ephemeral Explorations

Alex Sjobeck Trio Live Recording

Released January of 2024


Award Winning Short Dance Film

Composed by Alex Sjobeck

Pictures in Time

Released 09/30/2022 on Outside in Music's NextLevel label

"Alex Sjobeck and bassist David Baker bring to the fore Pictures In Time, a warm, richly defined nine song collection of emotive and meditative vignettes, each one more rewarding than the last. But taken as whole, Pictures In Time offers a lasting glimpse of a duo deeply connected to the music they make and the format whose tradition they uphold." - All About Jazz

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About the Album: “Pictures in Time” is a piano and bass duo album by Alex Sjobeck and David Baker that explores the way ancestry filters down through generations and builds new settlements in their identities today. Each song is a snapshot of their ancestors' lives who adapted their Swedish, German, and Jewish heritages in America. Both musicians carry a strong connection to their roots while also continuing the trend of adapting to modern America.

Original composition from the album Birdland (2016)

Visit YouTube for more music by Alex Sjobeck or look for Pictures in Time, Relativity and Something About Christmas on iTunes

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